A friend of mine, named Ari uses this method repeatedly

(he’s the one you’ll see smiling all the way to the bank) 

and he’s kindly allowed me to share this with you because he’s sure

(and I agree) it’s not likely to saturate any time soon.

What he actually does is simple yet I think it’s incredibly


He started out as your typical freelancer copywriter. 

(If you’re not sure, a copywriter is someone who writes the

advertisements and sales messages for a business, such

as sales pages, sales videos, emails, mail pieces, banner

ads, etc)

The quality of his copy is top notch. He cut his teeth

writing for many different clients in many different niches.

But, as many of you know… being a freelancer is hard.

Going from job to job, making your service fit the needs of

each individual client.

So, after a while Ari decided to take a break from client

work on focus on launching his own products.

He found out launching your own products are just as

difficult and far riskier because now your earnings live and

die on the success of the launch as opposed to being paid

by a client.

So, he had to develop consistent repeatable system in

order to ensure his launches made profit each and every

time to remove this new risk he was facing.

Which is where the strategy was born.

What he discovered is that you can persuade people

with an email follow up.

He found that he could triple the conversion rate of any

offer with just emails.

And, he found that you can create the most engagement,

excitement, and urgency to buy in the first 3 days of them

joining your email list.

He named each email in the sequence and called it

the “3T formula”.

The 3T’s stand for…

1) Trust

2) Thrust

3) Thrive

He split test these 3 email templates over 120 times and

honed them into conversion machines for his offers.

What happened next is that he no longer needed to launch

new offers.

He could make any offer an evergreen offer with these 3


He streamlined this process to the point that he took an

old offer of his that had not converted well in the past. \

On it’s last launch it had a conversion rate of 0.8%!

With the 3T emails he took that conversion rate to 3.3%!

By tripling his conversion rate he was able to make a

whooping $264,000 in 3 days with a failed offer. 

But, he still had to truly test his invention.

The only way to do that was to use it on other people’s


So, he tried his hand at client work again.

However, this time he was only selling email copywriting

as a service.

He used the proof of the success he had with the ‘3T

Formula’ emails to convince people to buy.

And, what he discovered is that people are willing to pay

big money for you to just write emails.

He’s been able to charge $100, $200, $300, $400, and

even $500 per email to clients.

He also found that he could sell the 3T emails for $2,500!!

You read that right… people paid him $2,500 for 3 emails.

Nothing sells like proof…

Which is what I’m sure you want to see.

It’s one thing to read about it, it’s another thing to see it. Well, you’re going to need to do 2 things for that…

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